Maintain clear communication

It’s obvious that a diverse workplace means different ways of communicating with each other. It’s also important to remember the differences in language that may make communicating the message a bit tricky. So ensure that you use language that is universally understood and accepted than assuming that the other person will understand your local nuances. There are differences in English itself “American and British”. So watch what you’re saying.

Treat everyone fairly

People come with their own set of skills. It’s important to treat everyone fairly, based on their skills than their nationality. A happy workplace means that everyone is treated equally and they look forward to coming to work every day. Discrimination is cruel, both at the workplace and in real life.

Learn about your colleagues

It’s fascinating to learn about other cultures, try it once. Talk to your colleagues and understand how things work in their part of the world. This way, you’ll be well-informed about worldly practices and it’ll help you communicate better with them. If you’re too shy to approach them, Google is your best friend (though it’s still better to talk face-to-face).

Time is everything

Companies work with different time zones. So before you call someone, make sure you’re not reaching them at an inappropriate time. And don’t expect replies to emails quickly as well. There are also acceptable norms in different parts of the world. In some places, it’s ok to arrive 10-15 minutes late to a meeting (with a valid reason, of course). But there are cultures that frown upon delayed arrivals. So do your research well and plan accordingly.

Maintain an open environment

No matter what type of organization you work for, it’s important to maintain an open and friendly environment. This way, people who are shy can come out freely and voice their opinions without inhibitions. Encourage colleagues to talk about their land and work ethics so everyone gets an idea of how to function smoothly within the company. It’ll be a fun and interactive session where everyone learns about other cultures and makes friends too.

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