The Challenge

The company boast the largest fleet in the region and well trained staff with fulfillment that matches no other. But the online presence was no way near their offline strength.

The Outcome

We at 1CallGroup have helped Thrifty rent a car to achieve the dream of having a top quality car rental website in the region with highest standards of e-commerce in place. By appealing to the visual nature of people, we converted the Thrifty website into something that makes the mundane activity of renting a car better. We made it fun to do.

Thrify Rent a Car UAE is the largest car rental company in the UAE by fleet, locations and customer service.

The company provides top quality services at airport locations as well as downtown.

Our team not only helped in design and development of the project but also helped in creating the process from online booking to the delivery of the vehucle we aligned all the actors involved. Yes thats how we work including the Thrifty rent a car mobile application.

Thrifty Rent a Car UAE Website and Mobile App

Thrifty rent a car UAE website is now responsible for major revenue influx. After experiencing tremendous success with their revamped website, Thrifty approached our creative team again to develop a mobile application that would blow everyone's minds. Give us a vision and trust us to take it to the next level! This is exactly what we did with Thrifty. With the creative freedom given to us, we developed an app that makes renting a car on the move a breeze!

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