Nike's "Just Do It" campaign is by far one of the most successful ad campaigns, even till today. Created by Wieden & Kennedy in the late 1970s/early 1980s, this campaign aimed to overthrow Reebok's line of sports apparel because it had a much more robust share of the market, thanks to the explosion of general exercise enthusiasm amongst women.

Late into the ’80s, they started to tackle every demographic. They did this on their “Just Do It” campaign, purportedly coined during a meeting of executives between WK and Nike (“You Nike guys, you just do it.”). The phrasing reflected the corporate culture and advertising approach, which was a take-no-prisoners assault on the inactive and lethargic. Furthermore, they tied their brand to smart, humorous and cool advertising, and made sports apparel cool to wear when, well, you weren’t being active. This all culminated into a perfect storm during the ’90s, at which time, their market share jumped from 18% to 43%, and their sales exploded from $800 million a year in 1988 to upwards of $9.2 billion in 1998. Wanna look cool? Just do it.

Nike Just Do it

Just do it!

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