The Challenge

A platform for budding entrepreneurs and startups where they can find places to work and cowork can be very challenging.

The Outcome

Our team came up with the design and clean approach that you can always expect from 1CallGroup.

Heyhob has the objective of developing a broad platform connecting the entire offer of co-working spaces in a single access point.

It aims at presenting a great opportunity to the people who travel around for work and are looking forward for available co-working places everywhere they are, and for the exact amount of time they need (from one hour to several months); at the same time, it gives visibility to the many events, training and conferences happening in the network of spaces working as incubators of innovative ideas. Heyhob aims also at representing a valuable chance for people who are looking to rent their places to be used as a co-working space.

In a nutshell the Airbnb for co-working spaces.

Heyhob website

Heyhob is live now and is attracting coworkers from around the world.

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