The Challenge

There are many web portal out there for car rentals. We had to come up with a new identity that can speak for itself.

The Outcome

We came up with a fresh design and color scheme where the user can feel at home with clipartish and cartoonic design and the message is "car rentals should be very easy".

After spending years and years in the car rental industry is launched by seasoned car rental industry professionals with only one aim. To get you the best prices for car rentals online.

Car Rental industry is changing and today everyone is looking to rent a car at the cheapest possible price and lot of people spend plenty of hours comparing the prices on so many different portals. Main aim of is to become final destination for your car rental needs.

With great design and fresh approach to the UI and UX is one of the most prominent startups designed and developed by 1CallGroup from scratch.

Finalrentals rent a car

Finalrentals is one of the fastest growing startups in the UAE and now offering car rentals around the world.

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