The Challenge

Reinventing the online car rental experience from scratch and yet keeping the Dollar Rent a Car brand guidelines in mind.

The Outcome

1CallGroup came up with innovative UI and UX techniques to redefine the customer experience from home page till the final booking page as smooth as possible.

Rarely you come across organizations who consider IT as a tool to grow and not "a cost". Dollar Rent a Car UAE believes in innovation of IT, Web and beyond and that is where 1CallGroup came onboard.

1CallGroup's web design and development team not only helped Dollar achieve great web presence but also design a UI and UX that increased conversions to 70%.

After successfully implementing, lauching and training the staff about the website and eCommerce part of it we also launched a mobile application for Dollar Rent a Car UAE.

Dollar Rent a Car UAE

Totally branded in Dollar Rent a Car brand guidelines the website and mobile app are reaping rewards for the company and is responsible for 50%+ revenue on yearly basis.

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