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We are a global tech company based in UAE. We are committed to creating positive impact through technology and design.



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Our Story

A couple of computer desks, an old fax machine and an internet connection that had a mind of its own - it all started in a small garage! we used to call it "GarOffice".

With an unyielding aspiration to be a first-class global IT giant, 1CallGroup is committed to adopting stringent quality assurance practices. Staying at the forefront of innovation, 1CallGroup continues to be the largest creator of absolutely original innovative web solutions varying from touch screen car rental kiosks to HTML5-based mobile applications to high end ecommerce platforms.

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Our value

At 1CallGroup, our primary responsibility is customer satisfaction. We are dutifully committed to offering sound, robust and high-quality services in the field of web development in UAE.

Our belief...

  • Creativity is the key.

    1CallGroup builds all the projects with creativity as a core value around it.

  • You dont have to be tech savvy.

    Lot of companies think that people who are tech savvy can only innovate. This is absolutely not true.

  • Simplicity is the only way to innovate.

    We try and make things simple and we solve complex problems in the most easy and simple manner.

  • People first.

    Tech and innovation is nothing without people. We invest in people to innovate.

  • No jargons only clear path.

    Blockchain bitcoin iot and big data. Lets forget the jargons and solve real problems.

  • Research and Development.

    Yes there is no need to invent the wheel but proper research and development will help you identify the best wheel.

How We Work

Our company’s approach redefines corporate, strategic and operational perspectives through the effective use of technology. Our top-notch services engineer our client's successes as they opt for us because our services are different than most. Committed to developing high caliber, world-class solutions for its clients, we directly utilize the latest concepts and technologies to approach challenges. Our company aims to intimate its numerous clients about the trendy and best procedures and practices that should be employed in every step of IT development and implementation.

Technology is changing every day and it is important for companies to understand that they have to change and change for the better.—Ammar Akhtar, Founder and CEO of 1CallGroup

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We work closely with organizations, startups and the companies who are aspiring to be big. We help companies innovate in the best way forward possible.

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